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The Office of Natural Family Planning is an organization of people dedicated to the instruction, support and promotion of Natural Family Planning, sexual morality education and related married and family life issues. We are committed to this mission because God's great gift of sexuality deeply affects every human person.

Tax deductible credit card donations are gratefully accepted to further the cause of our mission. We pray regularly for our donors and hope you will consider partnering with us to help in this great work.

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Upcoming Courses
Course When Where  
NFP While Breastfeeding Mon 05/05/14 9:00AM Diocesan Pastoral Center
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1a. Sympto-Thermal Class Series (Eng) Thu 05/01/14 7:00PM
Thu 05/15/14 7:00PM
Thu 05/29/14 7:00PM
Thu 06/26/14 7:00PM
Saint Gabriel Archangel
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1a. Sympto-Thermal Class Series (Eng) Sat 05/03/14 9:30AM
Sat 05/17/14 9:30AM
Sat 06/14/14 9:30AM
Sat 07/12/14 9:30AM
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NFP For Pre-Menopause Mon 05/12/14 9:00AM Diocesan Pastoral Center
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1a. Sympto-Thermal Class Series (Eng) Thu 05/15/14 7:00PM
Thu 05/29/14 7:00PM
Thu 07/03/14 7:00PM
Thu 07/31/14 7:00PM
Saint Andrew the Apostle
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1a. Sympto-Thermal Class Series (Eng) Thu 06/05/14 7:00PM
Thu 06/19/14 7:00PM
Thu 07/17/14 7:00PM
Thu 08/14/14 7:00PM
Saint Andrew the Apostle
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1a. Sympto-Thermal Class Series (Eng) Mon 06/09/14 7:00PM
Mon 06/23/14 7:00PM
Mon 07/21/14 7:00PM
Mon 08/18/14 7:00PM
Queen of Peace
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Recent Articles & News
Catholic Academy for Life Leadership: Graduation!
Cindy Leonard, April 14, 2014 (Chastity)

The Catholic Academy for Life Leadership complements catechetical efforts in the Diocese by providing systematic formation, leadership, and service opportunities for teens in pro-life and chaste living topics such as Theology of the Body, Catholic teachings on human sexuality, and bioethics. C.A.L.L. supports parents in their aim to offer their teens a truthful and faithful Catholic Worldview with the hope of happy, healthy, and holy relationships and a vibrant faith throughout their college years.

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St. Gerard's Mass of Comfort and Hope for Infertile Couples

Celebrant-Fr. Don Kline

6:00 PM, Friday, May 2, 2014

Diocesan Pastoral Center

Cindy Leonard, March 17, 2014 (Infertility)

Reception will follow Mass with refreshments and resources. Please feel welcome to stay and visit with local NaproTechnology Ob/Gyn practices, diocesan catechists, and adoption specialists from Catholic Charities. This Mass is for all those who suffer the effects of infertility. We want each of you to know that married couples are not facing their challenges alone. They are doing so with God and the Church who journey with each of them in this suffering.

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Sympto-Thermal Method While Breastfeeding: A Client Refresher
Cindy Leonard, January 8, 2014 (Events)

Diocesan Pastoral Center: 400 E. 400 E. Monroe St Phoenix, AZ 85004 Offered Periodically- check our schedule of classes!

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Room 104. Read more »

NFP Belize!
Cindy Leonard, December 2, 2013 (About Natural Family Planning)

Recently the Office of NFP was called upon to offer an NFP teacher training for the Diocese of Belize. This opportunity clearly had the hand of God written all over it, as it began with a dream by Kay Allen, lay SOLT missionary for Belize to have the Diocese of Phoenix come to her new country to provide this much needed training.. Read more »