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The Office of Natural Family Planning for the Diocese of Phoenix
400 E. Monroe Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
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About the Diocese of Phoenix, Office of Natural Family Planning (Español)

nfp logoThe Diocese of Phoenix Office of Natural Family Planning began as the Phoenix Natural Family Planning Center in the fall of 1974 as Dr. Sam DeFrancesco began instructing clients in monthly lectures at St. Joseph's Hospital. By 1976 an Instructor Training Program was developed with Maria Fitzpatrick, Janet Kistler and Dr. Jim Statt and the classes were expanded to a series of three with continuing follow-up. Fr. Marc Calegari, S.J., an instructor at Brophy College Prep, was very involved in the development of client materials and teacher training, challenging all who became involved in the ministry to keep up with scientific and theological articles that were related to NFP.

After many years of being hosted at St. Joseph's Hospital, at St. Theresa Church, then to St. Mark's Catholic Church in Central Phoenix for 10 years. The Office of NFP officially became part of the Diocese of Phoenix' Department of Marriage and Life on July 1, 2008.

Half of the NFP budget is provided by the Charity and Development Appeal and for development such as updating of client materials, translation, scholarships, new technology, instructor training, and other special projects, it is dependent on donations and funds received from the class fees.

All of our NFP instructors are highly trained and certified volunteers who receive a small stipend to defray their transportation and childcare costs while providing classes throughout the Diocese of Phoenix. We are always in need of more teachers and parish representatives to help spread the good news of NFP in the Diocese of Phoenix.


Cindy Leonard, Coordinator, has been teaching the Sympto-Thermal (S-T) Method of NFP with her husband Mike for 35 years. She also conducts supervised trainings for new NFP instructors for the Northwest Family Services S-T method.

Victoria Smith is the Spanish NFP Facilitator and is an instructor for NWFS Sympto-Thermal (S-T) Method of NFP.

Lori Gonzales is the NFP online instructor for the Sympto-Thermal Method.

Haley York is the administrative assistant and is an instructor in training for NWFS Sympto-Thermal (S-T) Method of NFP..

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