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NAPROTECHNOLOGY: An Alternative in Reproductive Medicine
Dr. Deidre Wilson, D.O., April 27, 2009 (Achieving Pregnancy)

My Journey
The loss of our third child to miscarriage came as a shock. My medical training did not prepare me for the emotional nor for my medical journey. Much of the medical community views miscarriage as a common reproductive event, an event, which requires little or no intervention or concern.

Shortly after my own loss, my sister lost her 4th baby to miscarriage. In light of my own loss and my sisters, miscarriage became an event of great concern.

As a medical student I remember seeing the pain of infertility in the anxious young couple desperately desiring children. The reproductive endocrinologist with whom I was working touted the value of in vitro fertilization (IVF) despite their stating they did not want any treatments, which would violate their Catholic faith. I was struck by their struggle and my own dilemma as a Catholic physician in providing treatments. In my research for another option I discovered Pope Paul VI institute and felt called to become trained as a medical consultant.

Pope Paul VI Institute for Human Reproduction
Pope Paul VI institute was started by Dr. Thomas Hilgers, an OB/GYN, as a response to the call of Humane Vitae to men and women in science. In contrast to the movement of much of the medical community toward artificial reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF, Dr. Hilgers attempted to treat and research the health of a couple in a way that worked cooperatively with their bodies.

He set out to prove the physiologic science behind the Billings Ovulation Method and developed the CrMS (Creighton Model Fertility Care System). The CrMS is very similar to Billings except that it uses a standardized recording system and method teaching system, which makes it an especially useful tool for medical diagnosis and treatment.

As a physician, I want to provide treatments that were effective, and do no harm. As a patient I wanted an evaluation that looked for a cause and tried to treat the problem rather than the symptom. Dr. Hilgers approach worked cooperatively with the detailed information contained in my charting system and I was drawn to learn more.

What is Naprotechnology?
Naprotechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) has been developed as a series of medical applications based on the standardized assessment of the biomarkers of fertility (the CrMS). This approach can be used to evaluate and treat: PMS, miscarriage, ovarian cysts, irregular vaginal bleeding, infertility, premature birth, and post partum depression. Naprotechnology is proving to be very effective in treating couples with infertility. Couples use the CrMS to identify signs of abnormality in their fertility. Clinical signs such as 2 or more days of brown bleeding at the end of menses, decreased quantity and quality of cervical mucus flow, premenstrual spotting, or abnormal length of time after ovulation all suggest possible causes for infertility. Many of these signs from the chart are not incorporated into current gynecologic evaluations. Hormone evaluation guided by the couples' chart allows the NPT trained physician to identify and treat subtle hormonal deficiencies that may otherwise go undetected. This along with a unique approach to surgical evaluation allows for 50- 80% successful pregnancy rate depending on the type of problem. This rate compares to 30% at best for ART approaches.

Much of the medical treatments used in naprotechnology are not new, but tailoring the application of these treatments to the unique cycles of each woman is new. I look forward to bringing this approach to the Phoenix area and work closely with specialists in obstetrics and gynecology to offer a much-needed alternative to ART.

Deidre Wilson, D.O. is an NFP only physician, wife, and mother of two daughters. She currently is in practice at Life Choice's Women's clinic in Phoenix and in process of being certified as a NaPro medical consultant through a 13-month program at Pope Paul VI Institute for Human Reproduction.

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