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unknown, May 14, 2009 (About Natural Family Planning)


NumBook Title Author Publisher
1 A Life-Giving Love: Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage Kimberly Hahn Servant Publications
2 Called to Give Life: A Sourcebook on the Blessing of Children and the Harm of Contraception Jason T. Adams
3 Catechism of the Catholic Church-Sacrament of Matrimony: Paragraphs 1601-1666 Sanctity of Life: Paragraphs 2258-2330 Chastity, Love of Husband & Wife Offenses against the Dignity of Marriage: 2331-2400 St. Paul Books & Media
4 Covenant of Love John Paul II's New Vision of Human Sexuality, Marriage and Family Life Richard M. Hogan & John M. LeVoir Ignatius Press
5 Good News about Sex and Marriage Christopher West Servant Publications
6 If You Really Love Me, Jason Evert Ignatius Press
7 The Body Reveals God Katrina Zeno Daughters of St. Paul
8 Love and Responsibility Karol Wojtyla Ignatius Press
9 Man and Woman He Created Them: A The Theology of the Body Pope John Paul II Pauline Press & Media
10 Modern Sex ed by Myron Magnet Ivan R. Dee, Publisher
11 Pope John Paul II: The Theology of the Body: A Simplified Version Msgr Vincent Walsh Key of David Publications
12 Smart Sex: Finding Life-Long Love In A Hook-up World Jennifer Roback- Morse Spence Publishing Co.
13 The Christian Meaning of Human Sexuality Paul M. Quay Ignatius Press
14 The Splendor of Love: John Paul II's Vision for Marriage and Family Walter J. Schu New Hope Publications
15 Theology of the Body Explained Christopher West Pauline Bs & Media

(note: all of these books are available through Amazon.com)

Internet sites & articles

Web Site Description
Vatican Web Site Vatican web-site
US Conf Cath Bishops US conference of Catholic Bishops- Washington D.C.
Theology of the Body Site with lots of information on Theology of the Body
Christopher West Christopher West on the Theology of the Body
Our Father's Will good resource for Christopher West material
Affirm Life "John Paul II's Theology of the Body" by Mary Shivinandan, article from Women of Faith & Family Newsletter - Winter 2000
One More Soul One More Soul - TOTB Bibliography (many excellent articles, documents and book recommendations)
Catholic Culture Love and Responsibility Internet Site: (numerous informative articles contained here)

Some Encyclicals

Mulieris DignitatemOn the Dignity of Women, Mulieris Dignitatem by Pope J. P. II
Letter to FamiliesLetter to Families by John Paul II
Familiaris ConsortioFamiliaris Consortio by John Paul II