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The Office of Natural Family Planning is an organization of people dedicated to the instruction, support and promotion of Natural Family Planning, sexual morality education and related married and family life issues. We are committed to this mission because God's great gift of sexuality deeply affects every human person.

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Upcoming Courses
Course When Where  
BOMA Class Series Thu 01/17/19 6:00PM
Thu 01/31/19 6:00PM
Thu 02/28/19 6:00PM
Thu 03/28/19 6:00PM
San Francisco de Asis - Flagstaff
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Sympto-Thermal Class Series Sat 01/19/19 9:00AM
Sat 02/02/19 9:00AM
Sat 03/02/19 9:00AM
Sat 04/06/19 9:00AM
Saint Timothy
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Sympto-Thermal Class Series Sat 01/19/19 2:00PM
Sat 02/02/19 2:00PM
Sat 02/23/19 2:00PM
Sat 03/30/19 2:00PM
Diocesan Pastoral Center
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BOMA Class Series Sun 01/20/19 2:30PM
Sun 02/03/19 2:30PM
Sun 03/03/19 2:30PM
Sun 03/31/19 2:30PM
Our Lady of Guadalupe
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FAF Class Series Thu 01/24/19 6:00PM
Thu 02/07/19 6:00PM
Thu 03/07/19 6:00PM
Thu 04/11/19 6:00PM
Saint Daniel the Prophet
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Sympto-Thermal Class Series Fri 01/25/19 6:00PM
Fri 02/08/19 6:00PM
Fri 03/08/19 6:00PM
Fri 04/05/19 6:00PM
Saint Thomas the Apostle
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Sympto-Thermal Class Series Thu 02/07/19 6:00PM
Thu 02/21/19 6:00PM
Thu 03/21/19 6:00PM
Thu 04/25/19 6:00PM
Saint Helen
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Recent Articles & News

Finding Our Way to Lifelong Love: NFP Day of Renewal for Married Couples

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Cindy Leonard, November 28, 2018 (About Natural Family Planning)

This NFP Day of Renewal for Married Couples Will feature excellent speakers to help you live the NFP lifestyle as a blessing to your marriage! Fr. Charlie Goraieb, Steve and Becky Greene, NFP only Medical Professionals, and NFP Instructors have put together a wonderful afternoon that you will love. Breakouts for NFP While Breastfeeding, During Pre-menopause and Infertility support are also available. Sign up on the Diocese of Phoenix event tab at dphx.org.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Learning
SymptoPro Fertility Educati9on, January 4, 2018 (About Natural Family Planning)

Not sure if online NFP education is right for you and want to know a bit more before selecting your NFP course? Here are frequently asked questions and answers that we hope will help you decide.. Read more »

NFP Method Selection: Trying to decide which Method of NFP is right for you?
Cindy Leonard, August 21, 2017 (About Natural Family Planning)

Here at the Diocese of Phoenix, we offer classes in a variety of NFP methods so each couple can decide the method that will be the best fit for them. Below are some questions you can ask yourselves that may help in your decision making. Ultimately the decision may come down to pragmatics if you are in a rush to join the next available series of classes, but if you have time to wait for the method that you really want to learn and use, take this quiz!

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CALLing all High School Teens! Registrations now open for Catholic Academy for Life Leadership!

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Cindy Leonard, August 20, 2017 (Chastity)

The Catholic Academy for Life Leadership complements catechetical efforts in the Diocese by providing systematic formation, leadership, and service opportunities for teens in pro-life and chaste living topics such as Theology of the Body, Catholic teachings on human sexuality, and bioethics. C.A.L.L. supports parents in their aim to offer their teens a truthful and faithful Catholic Worldview with the hope of happy, healthy, and holy relationships and a vibrant faith throughout their college years.

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